Hospitality Services

We know how important it is to have squeaky clean work place, and that’s why providing an All Star cleaning is our number one goal. With All Star Services, we make sure you get an impeccable clean every time.

Clean & Healthy


Healthy buildings ensure a working environment free from contaminates and provide a safer workplace. They can also reduce the amount of sick time taken by employees working in the building.

Employee Morale


Employees who work in a clean building are happier and happy employees means reduced turnover. Clean buildings are also proven to increase employee productivity.

Reduce Cost

Increase Revenue

Clean buildings are less expensive to maintain.Clean buildings also ensure that the property value remains high because having a clean building improves the longevity of the building.



In charge of keeping the hotel and guest rooms clean. They sweep, mop, dust, vacuum, and clean the bathrooms. Housekeeping staff also clean windows and public areas, and they often remove the trash. They also refill toilet paper rolls and hand soap in the bathrooms. In addition to basic duties, hotel housekeeping employees change sheets and make beds in the guest rooms. They keep the rooms stocked with clean cups, coffee supplies, towels, and other bathroom items, such as shampoo and other toiletries.

Housekeeping Supervisor

Supervises the work activities of housekeepers to ensure clean, orderly, and attractive rooms including assigning duties, inspecting work, and investigating complaints regarding housekeeping service. Takes periodic inventories, screens applicants trains new employees, and recommends dismissal. In addition to maintaining All Stars vision by adhering to our values, they provide the highest level of service to fellow employees and vendors while maintaining a professional and friendly demeanor. This role maintains a thorough knowledge of the hotel grounds, products, and services as well as awareness of other roles and responsibilities throughout the organization.


May work independently or in a team-style environment. Essential duties of the role typically include removing soiled bedclothes and remaking the bed with clean ones, vacuuming the room and hallways, mopping the floor, cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom, and replacing toiletries and towels. A houseman may also fold clothing, place personal items on dressers or desks, and otherwise straighten the room so it looks clean, tidy, and inviting. They may also restock the mini bar, replace clean ice buckets, restock coffee service and wipe down surfaces. In an upscale setting, a houseman may serve as a butler, making arrangements for dining, laundering or dry-cleaning personal clothing, and running errands.


Assist guests with luggage, meeting and greeting guests upon arrival and departure, provide assistance to the front desk staff and to the concierge, as well as providing lobby door coverage.

Laundry Attendant

Sort all linens and treat stains. Load all laundry into the washer and add specified cleaning agents. Take wet, clean items and dry as directed. Sort and fold or hang clean dried items. Maintain inventory of all cleaning supplies and communicate needs to the general manager. Maintaining all laundry equipment and inform facilities manager as to any maintenance needs. Perform additional laundry services when necessary.

MiniBar Attendant

Raising of checks and maintaining mini bar register. Stocks and replaces missing items, inspect, move and clean the minibars in accordance with departmental procedures and policies. Maintains tracks and completes daily worksheets of minibar stock. Responsible for replenishment of minibar items in rooms. Responsible for maintaining the minibar Pantry in terms of par stock, stacking, and cleanliness. Ensures products in the minibar are not expired and takes the proper procedure to remove those products as necessary. Raises store requisition and obtains stock from the warehouse and stores in the assigned storerooms. Maintains and completes assigned floors and rooms requesting minibar service. Always maintains the highest level of customer service and displays professionalism. Follows all required safety and standard operating procedures. Ensures the rotation of all minibar products. Communicates effectively with minibar Vending Supervisor any issues and/or concerns.

Lobby Attendant

Clean and maintain all lobbies and public restrooms. Sweeps and mops carpets, lobby entrance. Empties ashtrays and urns.Polishes furniture and fixtures.Vacuums and polish elevators. Keeps the front of the hotel free from the trash. Polishes the lobby floor during Night. Keeps the Back area of the Front desk neat and clean. Ready to do any other work assigned by the supervisor from time to time. Keeps all public areas neat, vacuumed, and dusted. Makes sure mirrors, furniture, floors, ashtrays, elevators, and doors are clean and mark-free. Clean and maintain lights. Removes all trash from areas. Periodically checks all lobby restrooms. Inspect the condition of furniture for tears, rips, and stains and report damages. Restocks all supplies including toilet paper, soap, and hand towels in the lobby washrooms. Makes sure all surfaces are clean and tidy. Arrange all cushions properly on the lobby sofa. Responds to guest requests and inquiries while in the lobby.  Assist guests with their questions and direct them to the areas they want to go to. Take care of all cleaning equipment used in the lobby.

Room Attendant

Greeting guests and responding to queries. Changing bed linen and making beds. Replacing used towels and other bathroom amenities, such as shampoo and soap. Sweeping and mopping floors. Vacuuming carpets. Dusting and polishing furniture. Emptying trash containers and ashtrays. Restocking beverages and food items in the minibar. Cleaning public areas, such as corridors. Reporting any technical issues and maintenance needs. Updating status of guest rooms on the assignment sheet. Returning and restocking cleaning cart at shift end.


Ensure the kitchen is clean, well maintained, and organized at all times. Ensure floors are dry and clean at all times. Operate pot-washing machinery and maintain a hygienic working environment in accordance with hygiene regulations and company standards. Adhere to all sanitation guidelines. Assist the Cooks and Servers as and when necessary. Collects and removes trash from all areas of the operation following established procedures. Dispose of waste as per the hotel and authority standards and Adhere to recycling guidelines. Ensure the waste bin area is kept clean and tidy. Carry out general cleaning as directed to include sweeping, mopping up, washing up, emptying of rubbish bins and boxes ensuring placement in the correct containers Cleans and sanitizes pots, pans, utensils, and other minor equipment routinely used in the kitchen following established procedures. Cleans and maintains floors and walls in the kitchen and dishwashing area by following standard procedures. Cleans and sanitizes dishes and related service ware following established procedures. Cleans large equipment as assigned, following established procedures. Consistently adheres to SDS (Safety Data Sheet) information related to the proper and safe use of chemicals in the workplace. Knowledge and proficiency to operate industrial dishwashers.


Responsible for training and managing kitchen personnel and supervising and coordinating all related culinary activities. Estimates food consumption and requirements or purchases food and also selects and develops recipes. Cooks may prepare selected items for special occasions.

Front Desk Agent

Responsible for registering guests, managing reservations, and providing information about rooms, rates, and amenities.


Troubleshoot and repair hotel equipment, facilities, and systems (including HVAC and electrical). Perform preventative maintenance, making regular inspections, coordinating the maintenance staff, diagnosing potential problems, and staying within budget.

Full-Service Partnership

All Star Services offers you a full-service partnership for all your building maintenance needs. With our service, you’ll no longer have to worry about restroom and cleaning supplies and equipment, because we manage it all for you and provide our own supplies and equipment.